3 Different Surface Processing

1. Embossing

Basically, there are two types of embossed stainless steel sheet or coils. The first type is like small triangles, squares on the surface; the second one is like some symbols like “Merry Christmas”. The first one is normally processed on coils; after processing, we can see one side surface showing these symbols. The second one is normally processed on a plate or sheet. After processing, we can feel both sides of sheet and plate have the touchable feeling.

2. Color coating or Ti Electroplating.

In general, there are many colors which can be coated on stainless steel plate like olden color, rose gold, sapphire blue lights. The machine or furnace used for Ti electroplating is called PVD vaccum coating machine. However, for black titanium coating, a special chemical composition will be applied on the stainless steel sheet which can result in a better effect than PVD vaccum machine.

3. Etching.

Stainless steel surface is normally etched by chemical. After processing, it will presents uneven surface, or some text, graphics. Generally, before etching, stainless steel sheet or plate will do some color coating, and then the etching process. Basically, the effect of etching is similar with embossing, but stainless steel sheets after etching will not have any touchable feeling on the backside.