Basic introduction for Shanghai Yieh United Stainless Steel Strip/Strap products

Shanghai Yieh United Corporation comprehensive stainless steel manufacturer combining production, processing, and sales of stainless steel. Shanghai Yieh United Corporation is one of the largest manufacturer of stainless steel in the world. Our china main land factory has hot-rolled, cold-rolled complete process production line. Shanghai Yieh United Corporation has electric furnace, converter, three-stage vacuum refining furnace for steelmaking system (Three-Step Process), can produce various sizes of high cleanliness, high quality and diversification of stainless steel; Cold rolling mill is able to produce a variety of surface-grade stainless steel, and have rolling stainless steel coil 1600mm wide and able to provide customers a variety of of the portfolio.

Hardness:SEH FH 2H,1 4H,3 4H


Thickness:0.03mm-2.0mmWidth:20-610mm,Customized slitting, the minimum width can reach to 5mm,

HV:1/4H、1/2H、3/4H、H、EH、SEH, Soft state is 130HV,such as 304DDQ

The Elongation rate reach to 50%,

1/4H hardness reach to 180HV or above.

1/2H minimum hardness is 310HV,

3/4H minimum hardness is 370HV,

H minimum hardness reach to 430HV.

EH minimum hardness reach to 490HV

SEH minimum hardness reach to 530HV


Normal stainless steel strip introduction:

301 stainless steel, 301, also known as 1Cr17Ni7, the hardness can reach up 600HV, the thickness tolerance reach to+/- 0.002mm, it has high precision, every meter of the edge of the waves does not exceed 0.3 mm, because the product has high hardness, good flexibility, but the bend 180 degrees constantly does not crack.

304, also known as also known 0Cr18Ni9,304L 00Cr19Ni10, our domestic distribution 304 stainless steel (imported Krupp, Nippon Steel production), steel hardness 165HV-180HV, the hardness can reach up to 450HV, product surface has good glossiness, the best face up to 15K, the tensile properties of 300 stainless steel with a series of the best mechanical parameters for deep drawing. Thickness high precision, good plate surface flatness, surface delicate for 8K mirror polishing, hardness up to 480HV, 304 stainless steel with a fine due to the product surface, for polishing, suitable for signs, cell phone case, etching, stamping and deep stamping parts.
316 stainless steel, also known as 316 (0Cr17Ni12Mo2), SUS316L, also known as (00Cr17Ni14Mo2) It has high precision, good plate surface flatness, surface smooth, corrosion resistance, suitable for use in instrumentation and chemical industries.