Basic Polishing Surfaces

304 stainless steel is the most used stainless steel type in the market. Because polished 304 stainless steel surface is glossy and finishing style is very even. Do you know what is the relationsh


304 polished stainless steel plate surface is evenly shining and glossy. The shining degree has a decisive influence on market prices. Thus, even though the heat treatment is well developed, but the surface gloss is poor, and is not evenly shining, the products cannot be put in the market. Based on 304 stainless steel, scientist has developed various polishing methods. Currently, all the polishing method can be applied on 304 stainless steel product.


  1. No.4 processing. (Oil brushed short line processing)

No.4 stainless steel sheet surface finish No.6 brushed stainless steel surface finish

304 stainless steel after No.4 processing, it shows a perfect decoration effect and is widely used in elevators, home appliances, and other decorative panels. Normally, cold rolled 304 stainless steel can get a perfect suface after one grinding process. Currently, there are some processing factory can polish hot rolled stainless steel, and the effect is as good as cold rolled sheet surface. Oil brushed surface can be divided into short lines and long lined. Short lined is commonly regarded as No.4 surface ,and long lined is regarded as hair lined sheet(No.4 and HL). Normally, No.4 stainless steel sheet is commonly used in elevators. And HL stainless steel sheet is commonly used in small home appliance.


  1. Dried brushing processing.


The most common brushed stainless steel surface is short lined and long lined. After dried brushing process, normally, it shows a perfect decorative effect and can meet the basic requirement. Normally, this kind of processing can be done in one time grinding. This kind of processing machine is cheap and can be easily operated. This kind of processing can be used in various situations, and become a necessary machine; therefore, in most surface fabrication center, they can offer short and long lined sheet, which hold 80% of 304 stainless steel.

  1. Titanium coated stainless steel

Colored Stainless Steel-shanghai Yieh United Corporation


Titanium coated stainless steel is a high level stainless steel surface and has a perfect decoration effect. 304 stainless steel sheet has been used for titanium coating for a long time. It is widely used in premium and high level elevator, and architecture. Because 304 stainless steel sheet has a good polishing effect, and better anti-resistant characteristic than 200 series and 400 series stainless steel sheet, 304 stainless steel sheet hold a large proportion of decorative sheet.


4 8K polishing

8K grinding-shanghai yieh united corporation


304 stainless steel sheet shows a better processing effect than 200 series. Normally, 2B stainless steel sheet surface is processed with 8K polishing, and after several times of brushing, it shows perfect mirror effect. Currently, factories is applying with nitric oxide 8K grinding process. Its cost is low, the value of the device itself has low cost, so this kind of method has been widely promoted.