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In order to better ensure the quality, we are equipped with the complete material detection analysis equipment. Each batch of raw material, we can do respecive test according to the standard testing. Every order, we can make all production and testing according to customer requirements. Every material inspection report, there will be issued by our…
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Future Development

In the history of human civilization, steel is irreplaceable. As recyclable metal material, steel support this world, Shanghai Yieh United is ready to burden the mission of this era. with sincere friendship and great creativity, Shanghai Yieh United is confident to promote China's modernization process. From the first moment Shanghai Yieh United set foot into…
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Our Responsibility

Main Responsibility Shanghai Yieh United Corporation is engaged in the production of steel products for the benefit of mankind career. Green Vision Become the world's most competitive resource-saving and environment-friendly Steel Enterprise Group Social Responsibility Once rooted in China mainland, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation target to increase more job positions as well as improve the…
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