Classification of Stainless Steel Surface

1: Rolling surface processing: Different mills may apply different rolling method to produce different stainless steel surfaces.
2: Further fabrication-- To change the nature of stainless steel surface after rolling processing.

Production of stainless steel plate rolling mill (with) material generally come through hot rolling, cold Rolling, annealing and pickling, finishing and other processes.

stainless steel production

Cold rolled stainless steel plate (with) the surface processing by different processes. According to the characteristics of stainless steel products and different user requirements:

stainless steel sheet

Soft metal (gold, silver, lead) hot rolling is not necessary, but it is necessary for hot-rolled steel, austenitic steel whose heating temperature is about 1250 ℃, ferritic steels is about 1180 ℃. When heated to high temperatures, soft steel hardening is less, so it is easy for rolling. But stainless steel thermal processing deformation resistance is twice more than normal carbon steel, especially for those high nickel and nitrogen-containing stainless which has higher deformation resistance, so rolling is more difficult. Therefore, from the viewpoint of easy rolling, desirable to heat the high temperature, but in terms of surface quality due to excessive oxidation of the surface may cause surface defects. Therefore, the heating temperature should not be too high.


The following are basic stainless steel surface classification:


Name Surface state Method Application
NO.1 HR Hot rolling, pickling and heat treatment For those without any requirement for glory
NO.2D Without SPM After cold rolling, pickling, one slight cold
rolling, surface without glory
For construction
NO.2B After SPM Based on No.2, there is one more slight cold
For construction
BA Bright Annealed Based on No.2B, more cold rolling method For contruction, automobile decoration,
NO.3 glory surface Apply 100#-120# grinding belt home appliance, automobile, medical
equipment, food equipment.
NO.4 Through CPL Apply 180# belt grinding Architecture and kitchen equipment,kitchen ,
home appliance
240# narrow grinding line Apply 240# grinding belt Kitchen equipment
320# more narrow grinding line Apply 320# grinding belt Kitchen equipment
400# near 400# belt Apply 400# grinding belt construction and kitchen equipment
HL long and consective line Apply 180-240# grinding belt,
the line is long and like a hair.
For elevator
NO.6 less reflective than No,4 Based on NO.4 surfacem and
applyTampico Brushing
For construction and decoration
NO.7 Highly reflective Apply 600# grinding belt For construction and decoration
NO.8 High reflective Apply No.8 grinding belt Mirror effect