EU try to impose anti-dumping sanction on Taiwan and China

Taiwan media reports EU come to Taiwan for cold rolled stainless steel sheet dumping investigation, the investigation result will come out in Early March 2015. It is reported that the future of imported cold rolled stainless steel sheet from China and Taiwan will impose anti-dumping and countervailing duty increase. As the European market is one of Taiwan's main export market, Once the anti-dumping sanction has been applied, stainless steel exports for next year will be unfavorable.
In addition, Vietnam, the Indonesian government is also interested in make anti-dumping sanction to Taiwan's stainless steel, together with Russia’s declining, it is difficult to export, so that next year Taiwan's stainless steel product exports is faced with great challenge

On June, the European Commission has come to mainland and Taiwan for cold rolled stainless steel sheet anti-dumping investigation, and countervailing investigation began in August. They have come to Taiwan YIEH United, Tang Eng, allowing strong, and they have collected source included relevant information for future reference.
Although the EU is expected to judge the investigation in early March next year, and it is retroactive to January next year. There are 1.5-2 months time internval for export orders. The industry has made adjustments in fourth quarter of this years, and made a decrease in general situation. As early as two years ago, EU intended to sue Taiwan for anti dumption of cold rolled stainless steel sheet. Due to the economic background, the EU found the threat from Taiwan and China is weak. The main reason for weak EU industry is due to their development reasons; therefore, the anti-dumping case has been delayed.

However, today European steel demand is expected to increase 2.5 percent next year, but the cheap steel imports dominate the market, so they will lose domestic market and the proportion of traditional export markets. The EU believes that unfair trade from third countries is to be stopped.


Therefore, Cold rolled 304 stainless steel sheet , 201 stainless steel sheet , and 316L stainless steel sheet of China and Taiwan Origin may suffer from a decrease.