European stainless steel surcharges reached a four-month high in October

According to the latest mill announcement, the austenitic alloy surcharges of European stainless steel flat rolled products reached a four-month highs in October, mainly due to the recent rise in nickel prices.

However, because of the sharp rise in nickel prices in recent weeks, the recovery rate is very large, there is still the risk of surcharges rebound.

The surcharges level rose for the first time in five months in September and will rise in October. The surcharge for the retail category 304 (4301) flat products announced by Outokumpu, Aslan and Acerinox is an average of € 1225 / t ($ 1,445 / tonne), higher than the € 1,087 / tonne in September, the highest level since June.

Surcharges for the average monthly price of molybdenum-containing 316 (4401) flat products is € 1,746 / t, up from € 1,969 / t in September and the highest since June.

Source: Platts