High-strength and high-ductility stainless steel components are expected to achieve 3D printing

Recently, an international joint research group consisting of Birmingham University of UK, Stockholm University of Sweden and Zhejiang University of China has developed a new technology that can be used for 3D printing of stainless steel components. And it combine high-strength and high-ductility.

The inability to have high-strength and high-ductility is a major weakness in previous 3D printed metal parts, but the team overcomes this technical bottleneck. They said the new 3D printing process, published as a research paper in “Today Materials”, marks an important step toward using 3D printing as a mainstream manufacturing tool.

"Our research shows that 3D printing can print solid shapes that were previously unavailable, and this technology gives researchers a completely new tool to design new alloy systems with super-mechanical properties, it helps metal 3D printing into areas where mechanical performance is critical, such as the aerospace and automotive industries." said a doctor at the University of Birmingham.