In November, Philippines and Indonesia exported nickel ore decreased

In November, Philippines is expected to export about 1.52 million wet tons of nickel ore, compared with Philippines in October exports continued to decline sharply. In November, Philippine nickel ore exports total amount of 13,200 tons, chain down 65%. Sub-grade point of view, in November Philippines exported a total of 10 high-nickel ore ship, 14 mid-nickel ore ship , 4 low-nickel ore ship. In November, Philippine nickel ore exports dropped significantly, mainly due to the rainy season in the Surigao. The shipments decreased significantly, while the shipments in Palawan and Zambalesi increased.

Indonesia exported about 12 nickel ships to China in November, of which 10 medium-high nickel mines and 2 low-nickel mines, with a total volume of 660,000 wet tons, a decrease of 33% from November. Total tonnage output in November was 0.631 million tons. Indonesia's nickel export quotas have been approved after the quota of the new mines gradually began to export, but from the end of October to the beginning of November, bearish nickel prices in domestic factories, procurement of low enthusiasm, Indonesia's exports did not increase. Indonesia's high nickel ore exports are expected to increase by 3 to 13 ships in December, slightly better than November, but still below the maximum export capacity in Indonesia. As the domestic factories still bearish nickel ore prices, the purchasing enthusiasm has not improved.