In september, Japan’s hot-rolled stainless steel production increased by 1.3%

Recently, according to the statistics released by Japan Stainless Steel Association in September 2017, the output of hot rolled stainless steel was 247,617 tons, up by 0.9% and 0.6% respectively over the previous month. Among them, the total stainless steel rod profiles, 17,829 tonnes were down by 9.2% over the same period of the previous year while the chain growth was about 16.4%; 22,617 tonnes of stainless steel rods were up by 9.3% and 12.8% respectively compared with the previous month; stainless steel pipe was 18,170 tonnes, representing a decrease of 6.2% and 8.6%; Stainless steel sheet 189,001 tons, an increase of about 1.7% while a decline of about 0.9%.

Earlier, Japan's Ministry of Economy (METI) released data showing that in September Japan's stainless steel output, chromium-based stainless steel production of about 110,660 tons, down 12.8%; nickel-based stainless steel production of about 136,600 tons, an increase of 15%.