India’s Jindal Sales of Stainless Steel increased

On November 9, a separate performance report from India's Jindal Stainless Steel (Hisilicon) Co., Ltd. (JSHL) showed that capacity utilization has significantly increased in the second quarter of fiscal 2017/2018 as of September 30, 2017, approaching 90%; sales of stainless steel increased by 25% to 199,649 tons from 159,496 tons in the same period of the previous year; net sales reached 23,380 million rupees, up by nearly 52% and 5.9% respectively compared with the previous month; EBITDA reached 2.77 billion rupees, Up 25% and 10.4% respectively on the same month of the previous month. Net profit reached 920 crore rupees, up 73.6% and 24.3% respectively on the previous month.

With the Indian government implementing anti-dumping measures against foreign stainless steel, JSHL has actively responded to the market's demand for special steel grades and special surface stainless steels in an effort to expand stainless steel consumption in strategic areas such as India's automobile, construction (ABC) and national defense and railways. The company is working hard to increase productivity and reduce costs, and also to strengthen and improve its existing distribution system, thus also having confidence in expanding users and market share.