Indonesia issued anti-dumping investigation for China


December 22, 2014, the Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee issued the notice, saying that cold rolled stainless steel sheet from mainland China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan imported should apply for anti-dumping investigations (Indonesia Customs Tariff No. 7219.32.00.00,7219.33.00.00,7219.34.00.00,7219.35.00.00,7219.90.00.00,7220.20.10.00, 7220.20.90.00,7220.90.10.00 and 7220.90.90.00). According to the announcement, stakeholders should submit the document to the Commission within 14days.

Shanghai Yieh United Corporation will facilitate all of Indonesia Customer for the investigation.


For 316L stainless steel sheet, this month pirce decline 100USD per ton.