Kaduna Nickel Boost Nigeria’s Economic

In 2016, when Australia's Comet Minerals Company first disclosed a huge and unique deposit, including a large amount of ore of almost pure nickel in Dagoma, Kaduna – northeast of Nigeria,, its chairman, Mr. Hugh Morgan, was not determine the method of separating the ball from the surrounding soil.

“We have what we believe is a very, very important nickel discovery. We think this is something that will put Nigeria on the map as having significant prospectivity and significant resources,” said Hugh Morgan,

According to the Institute of Nickel, this mineral is hard, silvery white, with strong strength, ductility and heat resistance, and is very useful for every day companies - from wire manufacturing to coins, stainless steel, batteries, and then Military equipment.

In addition, LME in the first week of October, a nickel price opening price of about USD 10,475,moreover, its prices in the international market began to rise, said that in terms of income, solid minerals can provide new for Nigeria Of a new and supplementary income means outside of oil.

Source: This Day Live