Latest Raw material prices

Ferronickel: Today, high ferronickel prices have stabilized. Nickel prices for two consecutive days a more substantial correction, still failed to affect the ferronickel market, the current nickel plate after the metal nickel point, and high ferronickel offer slightly widened, but still less than the conventional spread, the market is expected to be underestimated bullish, part of the holding goods factory wait and see, shipping is not strong, hold up to be up, coupled with winter environmental protection is still tight. In the short-term, domestic high ferronickel supply is hard to release.

Ferrochromium: At present, the main high-carbon ferrochromium factory price remained stable, the mainstream factory price remained at RMB 8000-8200 per 50 basis tons, the market price remained at RMB 8200 per 50 basis tons, unchanged from yesterday.

At present, the supply of high-carbon ferrochromium market due to the arrival of more than the upcoming steel mills are expected to increase, for which the outer disk for China's ferrochromium offer has been lowered, while the domestic port chrome ore stocks have recently signs of rising market, and the supply relatively adequate. However, the downstream procurement is not active, chrome raw material market for the formation of more demand for the pattern, short-term market support weakness, and to maintain a weak operating state.