Leica can not take pictures?

As we all know, Leica cameras are known for their high cost, especially the limited edition models sell more than 100,000 yuan, and it’s not a curious thing. But what if someone tells you that a "Leica" worth 650,000 yuan can not take pictures and only be a decoration?

The stainless steel Leica camera sculptures, designed by Chinese artist Liao Yibai in Sichuan Province. It will appeared on Ebay recently and the price as much as 99,995 U.S. dollars (about 652,597 yuan). There is so much money to buy ten genuine Leica cameras. It is reported that the size of sculpture is 44.8x76.2 x48.9cm, weighing 40 kgs, postage need to spend at least 350 US dollars (about 2,285 yuan). Of course, art often can not be simply measured by price, while this sculpture only have 12 units remaining in the world, it can be considered very rare.