Our Responsibility

Main Responsibility

Shanghai Yieh United Corporation is engaged in the production of steel products for the benefit of mankind career.

Green Vision

Become the world's most competitive resource-saving and environment-friendly Steel Enterprise Group

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Social Responsibility

Once rooted in China mainland, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation target to increase more job positions as well as improve the relationships between Chinamainland and Taiwan.


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Management Policy


  • Strict compliance with national energy-saving and environmental protection laws, regulations and standards, fulfill international environmental conventions
  • Stricter internal control standards, continuing to reduce production and energy consumption and environmental impact during use of the product;
  • Improve production processes, optimizing energy structure, reduce energy consumption, lower energy costs;
  • New production units for energy saving transformation system, maintaining the company's overall energy and environmental conservation;
  • Promote waste reduction, reuse and recycling, improve production efficiency back;
  • Concerned about the opinions and demands of stakeholders, continuously improving community environmental quality;
  • Promoting partnerships continuous improvement in energy-saving environmental management and performance aspects;
  • Concerned about climate change and actively participate in domestic and international exchanges and cooperation in energy conservation and environmental protection, energy saving technology to promote the development and promotion, improving the global environment;
  • Increase employee awareness of energy saving and capacity, and promote full participation in energy conservation and environmental protection work.
    Environmental Management System
  • Back in 1998, Yieh United in China mainland steel industry pioneered the implementation of ISO14001 environmental management system certification standards. Currently, Yieh United Corporation diverse industries, 85 percent of industrial enterprises have passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.