201 Stainless Steel Strip

1. Thickness:0.05-5.00mm

2. Surface:BA,2B/HL/NO.4/8K

3. Grades:201

4. PVC film: Novacel(laser cutting)
Nitto(deep drawing)

5. Hardness:FH H 3/4H 1/2H 1/4H

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200 Series stainless steel is a kind of austenitic stainless steel. Mn and N are added to replace some part of Ni, but they still contain some proportion of Ni, Normally it contains 4% to 6% percent. Mn is used to stable austenitic stainless steel; N is used to increase the hardness. Therefore, 200 series stainless steel is widely used in the equipment or parts that need undertake high pressure and do not have a very requirement for corrosion resistance.

Specification of 201 Stainless Steel Strip/Tape

  • Precision Rolling to Extra-Close Tolerances:
    >>thickness range from 0.01mm to 0.5mm
    >>thickness tolerance is between +0.005mm to -0.005mm
  • Precision Slitting: width 2.0mm to 940mm, we can slit 2.0 mm width strip with 0.5mm thickness.
  • Thickness: the max thickness is 6.0mm.
  • Value added Service: Deburring, Round edge based on the customers’ requirement, V-shape profiled processing.
  • Straightness is 3IU
  • Bur Level is Less Than 6%
  • Coil Finishing: Bright Annealed, Dull-Bright, Special Textures & Coatings
  • Hardness:1/8H, 1/4H, 1/2H, 3/4H, H,EH,FH

Standard Chemical Composition

Grade C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni N
201 (SUS201) min 0.15 min 1.00 5.5-7.5 min 0.06 min 0.03 16-18 - 3.5-5.5 min 0.25

Nominal Mechanical Properties

Grade UTS ksi (Mpa) 0.2% YS ksi (Mpa) Elongation % in 2'' (50.8 mm) Hardness Rockwell
201 (SUS201) 110 (758) 52 (360) 55 B87

Nominal Physical Properties

Density, lbs./in.3 (g/cm3) 0.283 (7.81)
Electrical Resistivity, μΩ·in.(μΩ·cm) 27.0 (68.5)
Thermal Conductivity, BTU/hr./ft/ºF(W/m/K)
212 ºF (100 ºC)
932 ºF (500 ºC)
9.4 (16.2)
12.4 (21.4)
Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, in./in./ºF(μm/m/K)
32 - 212ºF (0-100ºC)
32 - 600ºF (0-315ºC)
32 - 1000ºF (0-538ºC)
32 - 1200ºF (0-649ºC)
32 - 1600ºF (0-871ºC)
8.7 x 10-6 (15.7)
9.7 x 10-6(17.5)
10.2 x 10-6 (18.4)
10.5 x 10-6 (18.9)
11.3 x 10-6 (20.3)
Modulus of Elasticity, ksi(MPa) 28.6 x 103
(197 x 103)
Magnetic Permeability, (H/m at 200 Oersteds) Annealed 1.02
Specific Heat, BTU/lbs/ºF (kJ/kg/K)
32-212ºF (0-100ºC) 0.12 (0.50)
Melting Range, ºF(ºC) 2550-2650
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Application of Yieh United 201 Stainless Steel Strip/Tape

  • For Stamping Applications: Our stainless steel strip/tape can be used in various press-forming operations in coining, embossing, blanking and pressing metal parts. The manufactured stainless steel parts range from household goods to automobile parts.
  • For Roll Forming Applications: Our stainless steel strip/tape is an ideal for producing parts with long lengths and in large quantities, such as fuel lines or other tubing products. It also can be produced as door hardware and heavy-truck applications by the roll forming process.
  • For Fourslide Applications: Our stainless steel strip/tape can be used for progressive or transfer-stamping operations with fourslide metal stamping machine, and can be shaped into predetermined parts such as clips, wireforms and hardware parts.
  • For Deep Drawing Applications: High-nickel alloys in our 300 series of austenitic stainless steel strips/tapes and some 400 series of martensitic stainless steel strips/tapes can be used very well in this application. They can be stretch or formed easily into a deep drawn part, such as a kitchen sink. The most frequently used alloys supplied by Yieh United Corporation for deep drawing applications are 304 DDQ (deep drawing quality) and 304 EDD (extra deep drawing quality).
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Value-added Service of Yieh United 201 Stainless Steel Strip/Tape

Every industry has its unique set of stainless steel strip/tape specifications and needs. We offer many Value Added Services to meet your needs from cut-to-length to hard-to-find materials and special requirements. With years experience in the business, our team is professional at finding out solutions to fit your needs.

Let Yieh United Corporation Be Your Partner!

  • Polishing: Bright Annealed, Dull Bright
  • Filming: Laser film(Nitto, Novacel ), 10c PVC film
  • Deburring: Reduce the bur level based on customers’ requirement
  • Chamfering: Machining the angle edge based on customers’ requirement
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Our 201 stainless steel strip/tape products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customers' requests.

packing for yieh united stainless steel strip/tape

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Innovative Technology of Yieh United 201 Stainless Steel Strip/Tape

Since 2001, we have excelled in developing the manufacturing expertise to produce exceptionally thin stainless steel strip. We combine proficiency with an unwavering commitment to research and innovative, which established us as one of the China’s leading manufacturer in the production of customized thin gauge. Our 20-High Cold Rolling Mill can always meet your high quality demands while giving you enormous flexibility. The output thickness can be rolled as thin as 0.03mm for stainless steel strip, and the mill speeds of up to 500 meters per minute. The 20-High Cold Rolling Mill has a small gauge tolerance due to its small but faster floating work rolls.
We strive towards these goals to produce reliable products and ensure they can be fully utilized throughout their lifetime.

facility for yieh united stainless steel strip/tape

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1. What is the minimum order quantity MOQ?
-Normally, the MOQ for our stainless steel strip/tape is 200 Kg. If we have any excess inventory of stainless steel strip/tape,there’s
no MOQ requirement.You can ask us to check when you are interested in purchasing them.

2. What is the payment method?
- For new customers: 30%T/T deposit 70%T/T Before shipment.
- For partners and distributors, 30%T/T deposit 70% T/T Against B/L Copy.

3.What is the acceptable currency?
- We accept USD, EUR and RMB.

4. What is the delivery time?
- 5 days in advance.

5. Where is the loading port?
- Normally, our loading ports are Shanghai, Tianjin, and Shenzhen. You can choose anyone of them, or you can
select the other ports.

6. What is the delivery term?

7. Do you offer free samples?
- Yes, based on our stock status, we will send our customer free samples. The express fee is to be paid by our customers.


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