321 Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe

1. Stainless seamless tube
2.Stainless welded tube

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Specifications of 321 Stainless Steel Tubes:

1. Standard: GB, ASTM, JIS, DIN
2. Grade: 201,202,301, 321, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 409, etc
3. OD range: 8mm-279.4mm
4. Wall thickness range: 0.3mm-30mm
5. Length: max.18000mm or as demand
6. Surface finish: Polishing (180#,220#,240#,320#400#,600#), Hairline, aid pickling No.1 and so on
7. Manufacture technology: cold drawn/cold rolled
8. Type: Seamless & Welded

321 (UNS S32100) has very good stability. During temperatures up to 800-1500 ° F (427-816 ° C), chromium carbide precipitate under such conditions, can still maintain the good resistance to intergranular corrosion. Since the titanium component is added, in the case of the formation of chromium carbide, 321 stainless steel tube can still remain stable. 321 stainless steel seamless pipe used in high temperature environments 800-1500 ° F (427-816 ° C) of long-term jobs. If the application only involves welding or heat it up briefly, it can be replaced by 304L. 321 high temperature operating advantages, also depends on its good mechanical properties. And compared with 304, 304L, 321 stainless steel tube has better creep stress and stress rupture properties. This makes it a little higher temperatures, these alloys steady pressure on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is still in line with regulations, boiler and pressure vessel code; therefore 321 stainless steel seamless pipe highest temperature up to 1500 ° F (816 ° C ), while 304,304L limited 800 ° F (426 ° C).

1. Raw material choices.

All of raw stainless steel coils are from YUSCO, Baosteel, TISCO.
From slitting to production, we care more about the tolerance and raw material mechanical parameters to guarantee the tube quality control.

coil choices-shanghai yieh united corporation

2. Various mold choices

With years of development, shanghai Yieh United Corporation is able to produce various OD tubes with different thickness.

mold choices-shanghai yieh united corporation

For OD<50mm, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation has induced automatic welding machine. The daily production is 150 tons.

tube production-shanghai yieh united corporation

For OD>50mm,Shanghai Yieh United Corporation apply advantageous manual welding process.

pipe production-shanghai yieh united corporation

3. Surface Polishing.

Shanghai Yieh United Corporation can offer different tube and pipe surface from No.1 to #400 surface based on customers' requirement.


4. Pipe Surface Pickling.

pickling processing

5. Quality Control(Water pressure check)

For every welded tube diameter <50mm, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation strictly test every welded tube in order to guarantee the quality for our customers.

stainless steel tube checking 000001_ stainless steel tube checking 000002_
stainless steel tube checking 000003_ stainless steel tube checking 000004_


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Applications of 321 Stainless Steel Pipes/Tubes:

1).Petroleum, Chemical enterprise, super heater of boiler, heat exchanger

petroleum application
2).High temperature resistant transmission fluid pipe in power station

heat exchange
3).Decorative purpose.

decorative tube-shanghai yieh united corporation
4).For food processing.

food grade application
5) For machine spare parts manufacture.

Application-shanghai Yieh United Corporation[/restab] [restab title="Value Added Service"]For tubes, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation offer polishing and bending service.

1. polishing surface(No.4, 8K)

polished stainless steel tube

2. Bending(based on customers' requirement)

Stainless-Steel-Bending-Tube_Shanghai Yieh United Corporation

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This is Shanghai Yieh United Corporation standarded package.

package- shanghai yieh united corporation


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Curently, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation has three different production lines including welding, cold drawing, and cold rolling.

1. Welding.

pipe production-shanghai yieh united corporation


2. Cold drawin and Cold rolling for seamless stainless steel tube and pipe.

Based on customers requirement, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation has two production lines.

For OD<100 mm, cold rolling is applied to guarantee the surface and tolerance requirement.

For OD> 100mm, cold rolling is applied to reach the tube diameter.

cold drawing (1)_shanghai yieh united corporation

The overall production Process:

pipe production

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Every batch from Shanghai Yieh United Corporation has been tested with meticulous experiment.

test-shanghai yieh united corporation




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