Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet


Brushed(No.4, Hairlined, Hot Rolled)
Mirror finished
Linen Textured

Thickness: 0.3-20mm(Hot rolled decorative available)

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Yieh Untied Co. has a great number of uses in architectural, industrial, commercial and transportation application. Our decorative stainless steel sheet is not only based on the aesthetic appeal, which range from mirror, etching to patterns and so on, but also on the durability of the product and its high resistance to wear and scratching.

Brushed stainless steel sheet

Specification of Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

Standard ASTM/ASME 240/480, JIS 4305, DIN EN10088-2
Grades 201, 202, 304/304L, 316L, 410S, 430
Thickness 0.30mm-3.0mm(cold rolled); 3.0-20.0mm(hot rolled)
Width 1,000mm-1,500mm(cold rolled),1219mm-1500mm(hot rolled)
Length As customers’ requests
Types 2D, 2B, #4 Brush, HL(hairlined), polish both sides, long grain finish, non-directional finish, #6 finish, #7 finish, #8 mirror finish , linen textured, colored, etched

Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet (Brushed)

Brushed Stainless steel sheet is one of the most widely used decorative stainless steel sheet in our daily life. From elevator to luxury shopping mall. Brushed stainless steel are widely applied. It can increase a clear and tidy feeling to visitors.

Classification of brushed stainless steel:

1 Short lined.(Typical item: No.4 stainless steel sheet)

No.4 stainless steel sheet surface finish

Short lined brushed stainless steel sheet is more widely applied in elevators and kitchen equipment. The short lined surface will make small scratches not so obvious.

2. Hair lined (Item No.6)

Hair lined stainless steel sheet surface is similar with short lined, but the line is longer. The fabrication process is same with NO.4. After NO.4 short lined fabrication, if another fabrication process is applied, the line will become longer.


3. Hot rolled polishing stainless steel sheet
For hot rolled stainless steel sheet polishing, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation combined manual polishing with machinery polishing.
Due to hot rolled stainless steel sheet is thicker and the surface is based on No.1. Its surface may not be as even as 2B effect; therefore, fully automatic polishing may not reach a ideal No.4 or No.6 effect.

hot rolled polishing3

After machinery polishing, hot rolled stainless steel sheet will be processed with manual polishing, which can make the uneven part polished; therefore, manual polishing is an unnecessary part for hot rolled stainless steel sheet polishing.

Hot rolled polishing



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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet (Mirror Finished)

Mirror polished stainless steel sheet are normally produced with 600#-800# sandbelt, polishing unit at least have 10 or 12. Shanghai Yieh United Corporation have polishing unit of 18.

mirror polishing- yieh united corporation

Due to China mainland environmentally friendly policy, Mirror polishing process are strictly controlled. However, Shanghai Yieh United Corporation applied environmetally friendly production method which will not affect customers' schedule.

Based on different requirement from customers, 8K stainless steel sheet has differentiated into super mirror stainless steel sheet, and mirror stainless steel sheet. Super mirror stainless steel polishing need longer polishing process.

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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet (Coloured)

Colored stainless steel sheet are becoming more and more popular in the decrative areas. From elevator to door border. colored stainless steel sheet can show different decorative effect in different environment. Basically, three types of stainless steel are most widely processed into colors.

1. 8K(mirror) +different colors(Titanium coated)

8K black ti_ SONY DSC

2. Brushed+different colors

Polished stainless steel sheet 2015-05-27 114115_调整大小

3. Etched +different colors

Etched stainless steel sheet


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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet (Etched)

Etched Stainless Steel sheet is processed with different chemicals which will form different patterns. Different mold with chemicals can produce different patterns. It is widely used in art design environment.

etched stainless steel sheet-shanghai yieh united corporation


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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet (Linen Textured)

It is widely used in table or kitchen tables. The width is normally 730mm, 750mm, and 810mm, and 1000mm. This kind of sheet is normally produced with different rolling process with pattern mold.


linen textured stainless steel sheet (1) linen textured stainless steel sheet (2) linen textured stainless steel sheet (3)
linen textured stainless steel sheet (4) linen textured stainless steel sheet (5) linen textured stainless steel sheet (6)
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Key Point of Quality

1. Sandbelt
If the sandbelt has been processed for 1000 square meters (sheet polishing machine), the sandbelt will not produce qualified products anymore. Meanwhile, new sandbelt need 30-50 square meter fabrication until qualified.

2. Fabrication method
Sheet polishing machine and coil polishing machine have different effect. Sheet polishing machine is more flexible, the sheet size can be more flexible and can fabricate different sheet sizes without changing the sandbelt.

Coil polishing machine can make more stable surface. The belt can be used for longer time. the surface is more stable than sheet polishing process; therefore, if customers order more than 10 tons of same width sheet or coil, coil polishing machine is better than sheet polishing.

2015-05-27 113900_调整大小 2015-05-27 114115_调整大小
2015-05-27 114358_调整大小 SONY DSC
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1. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
- Normally, the MOQ for our decorative stainless steel sheet is 200 Kg. If we have any excess inventory of decorative stainless steel sheet, there’s no MOQ requirement. You can ask us to check when you are interested in purchasing them.

2. What is the payment method?
- For new customers: 30%T/T deposit 70%T/T Before shipment.
- For partners and distributors, 30%T/T deposit 70% T/T Against B/L Copy.

3.What is the acceptable currency?
- We accept USD, EUR and RMB.

4. What is the delivery time?
- 5 days in advance.

5. Where is the loading port?
- Normally, our loading ports are Shanghai, Tianjin, and Shenzhen. You can choose anyone of them, or you can select the other ports.

6. What is the delivery term?

7. Do you offer free samples?
- Yes, based on our stock status, we will send our customer free samples. The express fee is to be paid by our customers.



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