No.4 Stainless Steel Coil

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  • Features: flexibility, perfection in results and maximum operating speed, lower costs, reduced lead times and consistent quality of its product
  • Alloys: various 200, 300 & 400 series stainless steel grades and other nickel based alloy (201, 304L, 316L, 321, 409L, 440C, 2507, 2205, s31803, s31500, 347H, 904L,etc)
  • Raw Material: the supply of raw materials is a key issue for the Yieh United steel industry, and our stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable.
  • Types of finishes: bright and easily maintained surface:
    -Mill finishes: 1D/1E – hot rolled plate, 2D (annealed and pickled finish), 2B (skin passed finish), BA or 2BA (bright annealed)
    -Mechanically polished finishes: ground – 1G hot rolled / 2G cold rolled, dull buffed – EN NO.2J for cold rolled, 1J for hot rolled / 2J for cold rolled, bright polished, mirror polished, No.4/No.6(HL)/No.7/No.8 (8K) finishes
    -Special finishes: electroplating or electrodepositing, textured, patterned, colouring, metal spraying, paint/enamel, electro polishing
  • PVC Films: laser film, black and white film, transparent blue film
  • Packaging: allowing our stainless steel coil to be used in rigorous environments. Plywood pallets and boxes are available based on requirement from customers. Reinforced bondage guarantee the pallets from being crashed.
  • Application: high corrosion resistance, hygienic, non-porous surface with easy cleaning ability makes it primary choice of applications that require the strict hygiene control, such as hospitals, kitchens, and other food processing plants.
  • Record Tracking System: with Yieh United Record Tracking System, every detail concerns with Payment Info, Production Arrangement, Quality Control Test, Package Confirmation, MTC, Loading Arrangement will be sent to you automatically.
  • Logistics: Shanghai Yieh United Corporation has signed a long term cooperation with the world third largest forwarder, CMA, which will gurantee the effiency of logistics arrangement.
  • Special requests are accepted:customized logo, shipping mark, package type, and other processing service are flexibly available.

Stock Sheets:

For cold rolled stainless steel sheets(4*8feets) and hot rolled stainless steel plates(1500*6000mm), most thickness items have 30~50 tons stock.

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-stock sheet


Specification of Yieh United Stainless Steel Coil

Standard ASTM/ASME 240/480, JIS 4305, DIN EN10088-2
200 Series Stainless Steel Grades 201, 202
300 Series Stainless Steel Grades 302, 303, 304/304L,304L Polished, 304H,309/309S/309H 310/310S/310H,316L/316L Polished, 317L/317LMN, 321/321H, 330, 347/347H
400 Series Stainless Steel Grades 409L, 410/410S, 416, 420, 430, 440C
Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steel Grades LDX2101, Duplex 2205, Duplex 2507, S31803, S32750, S32760, S31500, S32205
Precipitation Hardening Grades 17-4PH, 17-4 H1150 (per customer request),17-7PH 630, 15-5PH
Nickel Alloy Grades Alloy 20, Alloy 200, Alloy 400, Alloy600,Alloy 800/800HT, Alloy C-276 (nickel grades may require morelead time)
Thickness 0.30mm-6.00mm 3.00mm-80.0mm
Width 1,000mm-1540mm 1,220mm-2,000mm
Surface 2B,BA, HL, NO.4, 8K, SB No.1


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Value-added Service:

Every industry has its unique set of stainless steel coil specifications and needs. We offer many Value Added Services to meet your needs from cut-to-length to hard-to-find materials and special requirements. With over 13 years in the business, our team is professional at finding out solutions to fit your needs.


Let Yieh United Corporation Be Your Partner!

Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet Beveling We can cut and bevel the edges of stainless steel coil/sheet to prepare forwelding or other processing.
Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet Grinding We can provide grinding service of stainless steel steel coil/sheet in order to satisfy customers’ flatness requests.
Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet Polishing Our stainless steel steel coil/sheet can be polished to a #4 polish, #6 polish,#7polish, or a #8 mirror finish. It can also be polished on one side or two sides.
Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet Perforating Our perforated stainless steel steel coil/sheet comes in a selection of holeshapes, pattern sizes, gauges and grades. It has endless applications such asenclosures,partitions, sign panels, guards, screens, and more.
Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet Laser Cutting Our technologically advanced laser machines provide us with an efficient, high speed and cost effective form of profiling steel coil/sheet which ensures a superior clean cut and oxide free finish.
Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet Water Jet Cutting We offer stainless steel steel coil/sheet dynamic Waterjet cutting in order to process complex part geometry.
Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet Embossing Our stainless steel embossed patterns including basket embossed pattern,diamond pattern or square pattern.
Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet decorating We offer various decorative stainless steel steel coil/sheet , such as stainless steel mirror steel coil/sheet, stainless steel hairline steel coil/sheet ,color coated stainless steel coil/sheet, etched stainless steel steel coil/sheet , vibration finish stainless steel steel coil/sheet, bead blast finish stainless steel steel coil/sheet, stain brush finish stainless steel steel coil/sheet , and more.
Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet Heatreating & Annealing We can heatreat 410 and 17-4PH stainless steel plate to change mechanical properties. In some cases, secondary annealing 300 series might be required depending on the application.

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Innovative Technology

At Yieh United Corporation, we never stop improving and developing our technologies to go beyond our customer’s expectations.
We strive towards these goals to produce reliable products and ensure they can be fully utilized throughout their lifetime. In 2013, we have sucessfully induced Timesaver coil grinding facility from Italy.


1. Raw coil holding.

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-coil uploading

2. Three Grinding Procedures.

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-grinding processes


3. Surface Checking

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-surface checking

4. Film Attaching

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-film attaching


5. Packing.

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-packing



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Our stainless steel products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customers requests.


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Application of Yieh United Stainless Steel Coil

With good performance of resisting to different kinds of corrosion, our stainless steel coil can be used in architectural, kitchen equipment, decorative applications, aircraft exhaust manifolds, expansion joints, furnace parts, heating element tubing, heat exchangers, household appliances, metal molding, metal trim, cabinet hardware, and hinges.

316 Stainless steel-Shanghai Yieh United Corporation



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