No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet

1. Standard: ASTM/ASME 240/480, JIS 4305, DIN EN10088-2

2. Grades: 200/300/400 Series, Deplux, Precipitation Hardening, Nickel Alloy

3. Thickness: 0.1mm-80.0mm

4.Width: 800mm-2,000mm

5.Application: kitchen equipment/elevator


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No.4 stainless steel surface processing is one of the most popular processing in stainless steel decorative areas. It is characterized by short, parallel polishing strips, which is aligned with the length of the sheets.The sheets are normally processed with 250# to 320# belt.

The higher the grit is, the more shining and reflective the finished surface will be. This kind of surface is widely used for restaurant and kitchen equipment, Elevator doors and interiors doors and interiors, escalator trim.

The Advantage of Yieh United No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet:

Brushed stainless steel sheet

Specification of Yieh United No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet:

Standard ASTM/ASME 240/480, JIS 4305, DIN EN10088-2
Grades 201, 202, 304/304L, 316L, 410S, 430
Thickness 0.30mm-3.0mm(cold rolled); 3.0-10.0mm(hot rolled)
Width 1,000mm-1,500mm(cold rolled),1219mm-1500mm(hot rolled)
Length As customers’ requests

No.4 HL No.6 stainless steel surface


[/restab] [restab title="Reasons to Choose"] Reasons to Choose Yieh United No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet:

1. Raw Material
Our coil is originated from Taiwan, Krupp, Columnbia, Baosteel, TISCO, and other major steel production of high quality stainless steel. If coil is not from a good standard factory, the coils surface may have some problems, especially for the edge. They are not easily leveled and processed, after processing, there will be some vertical strips which make the surface not expected. Here is an example to show the bad finished surface is due to the material origin.

laser-film for no4 stainless steel sheetNote: these white strips cannot be removed by polishing.

In the processing, sandbelt working time is a key factor for controlling the surface quality. If the sandbelt is new, the polished lines will be very rough and thick, and have less reflective effect.After the sandbelt has been used for a long time depending on the quality of the sandbelt,the polished strips maybe too shallow,which cannot reach the expected effect.
Mirror-finished stainless steel sheet

After the surface processing, choosing the PVC film will have much influence on afterwards application. We have several kinds of film to be choosen, and they are suitable for different application. The film not only serves as a protection but also affect the afterwards processing.

>>Laser film
Laser film is considered to be one of the best film. The thickness is at least 10c. Laser film normally has higher melting degree than other film, which will not be melted and sticked on the surface after heat treatment. Here is an example of normal film after heat treatment.(Please confirm the downstream processing, and then decide which film is to be applied.)

laser-film for no.4 stainless steel sheet

>>Black and white film imported from other countries except China
black and white film for no4 stainless steel sheet


This kind of film cannot undertake high temperature treatment, but it is relatively thicker and more sticky than Chinese Origin film. It can be used in most mechanical process and have a good performance.

>>Transparent blue film and Chinese black and white film
blue-film for no4 stainless steel sheet


These two kinds of film are relatively not considered to be good qualified, which means they are not very sticky, and not thick enough. The thickness ranges from 2c to 10c. Most customers apply these film in many ordinary processing. When the downstream need bending, or deep drawing, the film may suffer from cracking.

Whether it has been used on a commercial building, a semi-truck, a banquet reception room, a vintage car, a modern kitchen, or a work of art – our Yieh United No.4 stainless steel sheet can always meet all your project needs!

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Value-added Services of Yieh United No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet
Every industry has its unique set of No.4 stainless steel sheet specifications and needs. We offer many Value Added Services to meet your needs from cut-to-length to hard-to-find materials and special requirements. With over 13 years in the business, our team is professional at finding out solutions to fit your needs.

Let Yieh United Corporation Be Your Partner!

  • We can custom level our inventory of No.4 stainless sheet coil to your exact length with precision tolerances, saving you scrap and handling time, including CNC shear cutting and water jet tables
  • No.4 stainless steel sheet can be shear cut to your exact size
  • Large inventory of #4 stainless steel sheet in stock
  • Specialty polishing available upon request, including polished 2 sides
  • Export packaging available
  • Original Mill Test reports
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Packing for Yieh United No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet

Our Yieh United No.4 stainless steel products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customers' requests.stainless-steel-sheet-standardpackageNote: This is Yieh United Corporation’s standard seaworthy packing for No.4 stainless steel sheet.

stainless-steel-sheet-special-packageNote: This is Yieh United Corporation’s special packing for No.4 stainless steel sheet (Extra fee is needed).

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Innovative Technology of No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet
At Yieh United Corporation, we never stop improving and developing our technologies to go beyond our customer’s expectations.

We strive towards these goals to produce reliable products and ensure they can be fully utilized throughout their lifetime.


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1. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
- Normally, the MOQ for our stainless steel sheet is 200 Kg. If we have any excess inventory of stainless steel sheet, there’s no MOQ requirement. You can ask us to check when you are interested in purchasing them.

2.What is the payment method?

- For new customers: 30%T/T deposit 70%T/T Before shipment.
– For partners and distributors, 30%T/T deposit 70% T/T Against B/L Copy.

3.What is the acceptable currency?
- We accept USD, EUR and RMB.

4.What is the delivery time?

- 5 days in advance.

5.Where is the loading port?
- Normally, our loading ports are Shanghai, Tianjin, and Shenzhen. You can choose anyone of them, or you can select the other ports.

6.What is the delivery term?

7.Do you offer free samples?

- Yes, based on our stock status, we will send our customer free samples. The express fee is to be paid by our customers.

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