Stainless Steel Checker Plate


1.Thickness: 0.5-40mm
2. Tread types:checker, diamond, round,
square, T type and customized shape
3. Grades:200/300/400 series LDX2101,
Duplex 2205, Duplex 2507
4. Embossed height:0.5-2mm
5.Origin: Taiwan, Japan, Belgium
6. Embossed Height:0.5-1.8mm


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1:Embossed type(Width≤1750mm)

Item Thickness(mm) height(mm) Note(Type of tread)
1 1.0—1.2 1.5—1.8 Large type length×width(35×8mm)
2 1.5---2.0 1.4---1.6 Center point distance (different rows):35mm,
3 3.0 1.0---1.3 Cent point distance(same row):40mm,
4 4.0 0.6---0.9 Small type length×width(24×6mm)
5 5.0 0.5—0.6 Center point distance (different rows):35mm
6 6.0 Cent point distance(same row):35mm


Here are two stainless steel checker plate samples of long bean type but with different sizes.

stainless steel checkered plate1 stainless steel checkered plate2

a. Large type length×width(35×8mm) b. Small type length×width(24×6mm)

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2. Embossed height and size(width≤1500mm,without a limit)

Item Thickness(mm) height(mm) Note(Specification)
1 1.0—3 1.5—2.0 Same row d: 60mm; same column d:100mm., Checker l:35mm
2 3.0---5.0 1.2---1.8 Same row d: 60mm; same column d:100mm., Checker l:35mm


stainless steel checkered plate3

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3. Embossed from YUSCO mill

Mill Spec.(mm) Height:(mm) Note:
YUSCO T:3mm-5mmW: (1000,1219,1250) 0.7mm-1.0mm Same row distance:35mm, same column:30mmLength: 30mm, width(middle):6mm

stainless steel checkered plate5

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4. Round type originated from Japan

Mill Thickness(mm) Height: (mm) Note:
Japan T: 3mm-5mmW: 1219mm 0.8mm-1.0mm Same row distance: 20mm, same column d: 25mmDia: 6mm


-stainless steel checkered plate6

Embossed originally from Japan mill

Mill Spec.(mm) Height(mm) Note(type)bean type
Japan thickness+3mm-5mmwidth 1219mm 0.7mm-1.2mm Same row distance: 25mm, same column distance: 25mmLength:25mm, Width: 3mm


stainless steel checkered plate4


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5. Embossed originally from Belgium

Mill Spec.(mm) Height (mm) Note:
Belgium T: 3mm-5mmW: 1000,1219,1250 0.8mm-1.0mm Same row distance:45mm, same column d40mmLength: 28mm, Width: 7mm

stainless steel checkered plate7

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Packing for Yieh United Stainless Steel Checker Plate

Our stainless steel checker plate products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customers’ requests.

stainless-steel-sheet-standardpackageNote: This is Yieh United Corporation’s standard seaworthy packing for perforated stainless steel sheet.

stainless-steel-sheet-special-packageNote: This is Yieh United Corporation’s special packing for perforated stainless steel sheet (Extra fee is needed).

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Every industry has its unique set of stainless steel tread plate specifications and needs. We offer many Value Added Services to meet your needs from cut-to-length to hard-to-find materials and special requirements. With over 13 years in the business, our team is professional at finding out solutions to fit your needs.

Let Yieh United Corporation Be Your Partner!

  • Special patterns, staggers, and hole sizes can be produced per customer requirement
  • Specialty tread sheet and plate products including: 309s/310s, 400 series, duplex grades and more
  • We shear cut tread stainless steel sheet

Innovative Technology of Yieh United Stainless Steel Checker Plate

At Yieh United Corporation, we never stop improving and developing our technologies to go beyond our customer’s expectations.
We strive towards these goals to produce reliable products and ensure they can be fully utilized throughout their lifetime.
Shanghai Yieh United Corporation has been producing for stainless steel tread plate metal for many years. We have the most advanced computer numerical control punching equipment, etching equipment, and various types of light , medium and heavy punching machinery, high-speed gantry presses, as well as ancillary CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, CNC punch pagoda other high-precision equipment. Perforated plates is one of Shanghai Yieh United Corporation most advantageous products, we can perforate different kind of material. Metal material include: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper and so on.Hole type include: Rectangular hole, square hole, triangle hole, convex hole (scale hole), diamond hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, plum blossom hole, other foliage shape.




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