Shanghai Yieh United Corporation has run the electroplating industry for many years. In 1990s, one of Yieh United shareholders began to build the electroplating factory in Hebei Province, Mainland China.
[restabs alignment="osc-tabs-left" responsive="false"] [restab title="Specification" active="active"]With years of development, the factories have gone through different changes and challenges. From the basic high labor cost electroplating to highly automatic electroplating process.

At the beginning of our electroplating industry, we mainly focused on furniture and bike spare parts. Currently we not only can electroplate on normal iron spare parts but also other steel, like stainless steel electroplating.

The electroplating type includes: Cu-Ni-Cr, Zn-Ni-Cr, Pure Zinc electroplating, Pure Ni electroplating.

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shanghai Yieh United Corporation- Electroplating parts

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