Surface Polishing(No.4, 8K,Anti-finger)

Shanghai Yieh United Corporation supplies polished materials in #4 and 8K and other specialty finishes in a variety of product forms including sheet, plate, bar, structural and tubular items.

Shanghai Yieh United Corporation can even process coils or sheets based on customer's requirement(HL, snow brushed). For example, water jet cutting of sheet and plate is suitable for tight tolerance, detailed architectural work. And we also offer 8k stainless steel sheet coated with different colors.

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Manufacturing Process:

1.For No.4 Stainless Steel Coil Grinding

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-grinding processes


No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-surface checking


2. For 8K Stainless Steel Coil Grinding

8K grinding-shanghai yieh united corporation



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Anti-finger Process:

Anti-finger processing is basically to attach a layer of adhesion of chemical bonds and it is transparent. Anti-finger does not mean the finger print cannot left on the surface. It means that the finger print or other dirty print left on the surface can be easily removed due to the layer of chemical adhesion.

No.4 and HL stainless steel after anti-finger processing is widely used in kitchen ware and refrigerator panels, and other home appliances, especially for those high level products.



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Factors affecting No.4 finished surface

1. Raw Material
Our coil is originated from Taiwan, Krupp, Columnbia, Baosteel, TISCO, and other major steel production of high quality stainless steel. If coil is not from a good standard factory, the coils surface may have some problems, especially for the edge. They are not easily leveled and processed, after processing, there will be some vertical strips which make the surface not expected. Here is an example to show the bad finished surface is due to the material origin.
laser-film for no4 stainless steel sheet

Note: these white strips cannot be removed by polishing.

In the processing, sandbelt working time is a key factor for controlling the surface quality. If the sandbelt is new, the polished lines will be very rough and thick, and have less reflective effect.After the sandbelt has been used for a long time depending on the quality of the sandbelt,the polished strips maybe too shallow,which cannot reach the expected effect.

Mirror-finished stainless steel sheet

After the surface processing, choosing the PVC film will have much influence on afterwards application. We have several kinds of film to be chosen, and they are suitable for different application. The film not only serves as a protection but also affect the afterwards processing.

>>Laser film
Laser film is considered to be one of the best film. The thickness is at least 10c. Laser film normally has higher melting degree than other film, which will not be melted and sticked on the surface after heat treatment. Here is an example of normal film after heat treatment.(Please confirm the downstream processing, and then decide which film is to be applied.)laser-film for no.4 stainless steel sheet

>Black and white film imported from other countries except China:This kind of film cannot undertake high temperature treatment, but it is relatively thicker and more sticky than Chinese Origin film. It can be used in most mechanical process and have a good performance.
black and white film for no4 stainless steel sheet

>Transparent blue film and Chinese black and white film:These two kinds of film are relatively not considered to be good qualified, which means they are not very sticky, and not thick enough. The thickness ranges from 2c to 10c. Most customers apply these film in many ordinary processing. When the downstream need bending, or deep drawing, the film may suffer from cracking.
blue-film for no4 stainless steel sheet

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