Sorbite high-strength stainless structural steel S600E developed independently by Chinese

On December 11, a press conference for sorbite high-strength stainless structural steel S600E was held in Beijing and announced to the world it developed independentlyand named by the Chinese people. The future maybe using in green and earthquake-resistant buildings and marine, petroleum, bridges, ships, towers, wind power equipment and reclamation works to make its due contribution.

According to reports, sorbite high-strength stainless structural steel S600E is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nickel Resources International Holdings, Zhengzhou Wing Steel Co., Ltd. to create inventions and named. The steel with 600MPa yield strength, with more than 20% elongation, and carbon steel similar expansion coefficient, greater than the elastic modulus of carbon steel, salt spray corrosion resistance is more than 150 times the normal carbon steel. Fatigue test at 456-256MPa stress cycle, the frequency of 98.2Hz conditions, 10 million times without rupture, the surface without exception, even in the -40 ℃ conditions also showed good impact resistance, impact energy to 40J above.

At the same time, it solve the engineering application of the connection method, like welding and bolting problems. Moreover, the development of the corresponding welding procedures and welding electrodes, level 8.8 to level 12.9, 60 mm in diameter, high-strength hydrogen embrittlement stainless steel large bolts.

In view of the high strength, low yield ratio, high elongation rate and high corrosion resistance of sorbite high-strength stainless structural steel, according to the characteristics of tempered sorbite of its microstructure, after repeated testing by third party and internal and external experts review, the steel was named sorbite high-strength stainless structural steel, the strength is quite with Japan's highest level high-strength seismic steel H-SA700 and Sumitomo Metal BT-HT880.