Electronics Made of Stainless Steel Sheet

A few days ago, Apple held a press conference in spring 2015, officially released Apple Watch, will be held April 24 Chinese outlets. Apple Watch Standard Edition, silver table body, 38 and 42 mm dial optional 316L stainless steel one-piece, priced at 4188 yuan, up to 8288 yuan. The series of dial using 316L stainless steel sheet refining production, after cold forging, the hardness increase 40% more resistance to bump, scratch. Accordingly, these also improve the concern of use of electronic products material.

Now many electronics frequently use stainless steel shell, then let us take a look at what is 304 stainless steel? And what is 316L stainless steel.

As the name suggested, the so-called "austenitic stainless steel" is a stainless steel, its production and use of stainless steel probably accounted for 70% of total production and usage, has been widely used for over 100 years, for example, We often see the mug, utensils, machinery and equipment, and so on. The "304 stainless steel sheet" is one of austenitic stainless steel is widely used in the models. This product is cost-effective, cheap, in addition to its high-temperature metal products, good processing performance, it is widely used in industrial and medical furniture industry and the food industry.

In the early stage, iPhone applied stainless steel,then replaced for a magnesium alloy. Advantages of aluminum-magnesium alloys are lighter, higher strength, good heat dissipation. Drawback is some trouble molding, surface treatment cumbersome, expensive. For electronic products, the weight of skeleton must be light. But in reality, the highest specific strength titanium alloy, ultra high strength steel and magnesium alloys. These materials are generally expensive, and hard to be processed.

austenitic 304 stainless steel material has a high-strength , the texture is relatively high, though not necessarily the other lightweight alloys, but s