Stainless Steel Sheet Surface Introduction

Currently, there are a lot of stainless steel sheet have been used in many kitchen utensils factory, factory gate, elevator factory, furniture factory, decoration companies.and most of the stainless steel surface have been processed or fabricated into different types.

Stainless steel material is normally formed into coils when finished from different mills. Normally, the whole surface is foggy, commonly known as 2B surface; there is another surface called BA surface, the brightness of this surface is generally referred to 6K, therefore, a variety of colors, patterns, shapes on the surface is out of post-processing. Normally, large steel coil width is limited to three types: 1000mm(mill edge1020mm), 1219mm(mill edge1244mm), 1500mm(mill edge1520mm).


1. 8K stainless steel sheet surface

This kind of surface lso known as 8K, is the mirror-polished stainless steel sheet through the machine into a mirror, which can reflect the picture of a person. Coils can also be processed into 8K.

2.Brushed stainless steel sheet surface

Snow brushed, No.4, No.6(HL:hairlined ) are all called brushed surface. The different brushed surface is mainly due to the sand grain belt. Normally, the thinnest sand grain is from snow brushed surface. There are also mixed type of brushed surface. Stainless steel coil can also be processed into different brushed surface.

3, Sandblasting.

Sandblasting stainless steel surface that is showing slight bead granular sand surface. matt stainless steel blasting can be differentiated into light sandblasting and matt stainless steel blasting. For this kind of surface process is based on 2B surface. This stainless steel coil can be processed theoretically, but there is no such production machines.