Taishan stainless steel plant converter dust removal success

It is reported that since October 20 after three dust put into use, the Taishan Iron and Steel Group stainless steel steel plant converter dust removal effect is very obvious, in the iron and blowing process no longer spilled dust, completely solve the furnace plant smoke problem. The plant environmental protection facilities with the machine operating rate of 100%, soot emissions concentration standards to improve the smelting environment, to achieve a clean production of the converter, put an end to the surrounding environment pollution, to meet environmental requirements, favorable protection of the plant's normal production , to promote the healthy development of the company. Converter added three times after the dust, ensure the requirements of environmental protection conditions, the converter stabilized the amount of loading and oxygen intensity, put an end to the normal blowing process due to environmental problems caused by trouble, smelting cycle reduced by an average of 1 minute, the environment and yield reach win-win.

Taishan Iron and Steel stainless steel steel mills always adhere to the "quality reduction, increase production efficiency" as the core, on the basis of protection of comprehensive production around "6 target management", to optimize the effectiveness of environmental protection facilities to ensure the accuracy of equipment operation. In the converter smelting, in order to reduce the cost, the plant through the research to increase the limestone, grain steel and other added to increase quality, but at the same time lead to increased flue gas, dust removal capacity can not effectively. A large number of flue gas from the mouth, often there will be smoke from the upper part of the plant, to make the environmental management difficultly, so the plant for the smelting process in the smelting process of dust spillover this problem has been modified.