The increase in nickel from January to September of 2017 was mainly from Indonesia

Customs data show that in September 2017 China's non-forged non-alloy nickel imports of 17,800 tons, the chain reduced 30 tons, and down 11,000 tons year on year.

Since the beginning of 2017, imports of non-forged non-alloyed nickel have been substantially reduced, mainly due to the sharp decline in imports from Russia. From January to September China's imports of non-wrought non-alloy nickel from Russia has 76,000 tons, down 12.8 million tons.

The Customs data shows that in September 2017 China's nickel ore imports amounted to 567.04 million tons, chain increase 993,000 tons about 21.2%, an increase of 714,000 tons year on year, about 14.4%. Among them, the imports from Philippine was 4.988 million tons, an increase of 95.5 million tons about 24.1%, an increase of 0.96 million tons year on year about 0.2%; the imports from Indonesia was 600,000 tons, an increase of 22,000 tons about 3.8% . For the September 9 nickel ore mainly from the Philippines.

From January to September, the total import volume of nickel ore in China was 25.903 million tons, an increase of 2.496 million tons about 9.5%. Including imported nickel ore from Indonesia 2.27 million tons, an increase of 223.4 million tons about 6759.7%; from the Philippines total imports of 22.136 million tons, down 732,000 tons year on year about 3.2%.